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RECORDING Magazine – Cass Clayton Raises Her Voice

Mike Metlay, Editor of RECORDING Magazine, interviewed Cass Clayton and Geoff Gray, owner and master engineer at Far and Away Studios in Boulder, CO.  Mike took a deep dive on the recording techniques used in the studio, which are featured in their Feb. issue below. By the way, Mike Metlay is probably the only person who could have written an article of this depth (you’ll see what we mean). He’s a PhD in nuclear physics (no kidding), and doesn’t tend to skim the surface of any subject. Enjoy!

RECORDING magazine is a monthly magazine, launched in 1987, available by subscription and distribution throughout North America. Written for recording musicians, the magazine offers a blend of topical articles, how-to columns, in-depth reviews, interviews, industry news, DIY guides, critiques of readers’ recordings, and more.  Click here to subscribe to RECORDING Magazine

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